April 14, 2018: Todd Presents at MTS Buoy Workshop 2018

TrexPresentsBW2018Mooring systems, data telemetry, hull design, wave models, and instrument design. Todd was in Ann Arbor this week presenting our work on constructing low cost aquatic sensors with the Matt Smith Lab (School of Freshwater Sciences) at the Marine Technology Buoy Workshop 2018. A link to the presentation is here.







April 3, 2018: Green Bay Buoy Construction

Green Bay Buoy HatchMaking a new hatch for our Green Bay buoys this week. Stronger, bigger, and more efficient to open and close. In this photo Jeff is marking out new holes for bulk head connectors.








March 23, 2018: New Website!

New website launched! After six years it was time to retire the old website running on the unsecured and unsupported Drupal 6. The new site is running on the latest version of Drupal 8, with a few customizations thanks to Todd's dabbling in mysql and php. In addition, we will soon launch lakestat.com, our new site hosting up all of our high frequency in situ monitoring data.